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Kinks are a very important part of the live sex cam industry. It brings a different element to every chatroom that you visit. Also, kinks are those elements in every show that set each one of them apart. So, if you want to get into this live sex cam industry, then you need to know the most popular kinks or list of kinks that will set your live streams apart from others.

Most popular kinks that you didn't know from Jerkmate models

Look, there are so many people doing live sex streams nowadays. So, it is very important to do a bit different than others. Jerkmate is one of the most popular sites for live cams. Now, if you are joining that site and doing something that the established cammers on that site are doing, you can rest assured you will struggle to get the audience in your live streams.

That is why you should know which are the most popular kinks going around in the industry, especially, on a site like Jerkmate. So, in this article, let’s discuss this. Once you have finished this article, you will have a list of kinks that you can try during your cam shows and the full understanding of them as well as the knowledge of choosing the right one for you. Thus, let’s begin.

Understanding the Concept Behind Most Popular Kinks and Fetishes

Most people use the words kinks and fetishes synonymously when describing the most popular kinks. However, in most cases, these two words are not synonymous. At times, fetishes can be kinks but not all kinks are fetishes. Now, you will be more confused than ever. So, let’s break down the two in simple words.

A kink is a sexual fantasy, or a thought process, or a concept or practice that contradicts the ‘normal sex’ concept. So, whenever there is something unusual someone tries in the bedroom, people would call it kinky. For fetish, the same things stand but the person will be excited by an object.

For example, people watching someone having sex and getting excited by that is a kink. However, when someone sniffs a panty and gets horny because of it is a fetish because the person is using that panty as an object to get turned on. The best crossover example of kink and fetish would be foot fetish. You can call it either a kink or fetish, it’s up to you.


The Ultimate List of Kinks from Jerkmate: Top 10

1) Feet

You will notice that it is on the top of the list of most popular kinks on Jerkmate. Footplay is something that turns on many people. And if you are one of them, then you can try this kink during your streams. Also, for those into footplay, Jerkmate is a great place to find some amazing creators working on this niche.

2) Anal

Anal is also one of the most popular kinks on Jerkmate among camgirls. You should know that 55% of camgirls have anal in their profile. Thus, it is one of those kinks that you have to keep in the top 10 list of kinks. Also, if you observe your behaviour, you would realise that anal is something that would excite you as well.

3) Deepthroat

People love watching women deepthroat cocks and it is quite understandable. So, this is surely one of the most popular kinks on Jerkmate for camgirls. 49% of the camgirl profiles on Jerkmate have listed this as one of their kinks. So, there is competition in this niche. Do you think you can deepthroat better to topple the competition here?

4) Submissive

The next in the list of kinks that are most popular on Jerkmate is submissive. Look, many people are turned on by watching a submissive girl getting dominated by a man. The opposite is also true for many people. Therefore, it is one of those niches that you can try as it is popular but not hugely competitive as others.

5) Interactive Vibrator

Perhaps one of the most popular kinks on any cam site that you open is the interactive vibrator. No matter what the show is all about, you will see the camgirl wearing an interactive vibrator. As the name suggests, these vibrators help the performers interact with their audience and keep them engaged. Thus, it is something you can try also.

6) Dominant

Just like submissive, dominant is also a very popular thing on cam sites and has to be included in the list of kinks. So, if you are doing the show with another person, this could be a territory that you can tread as it can surely help you to get your feet into this competitive world of live sex cams.

7) Cuckolding

Cuckolding is also considered as a form of humiliation and you can try this because many people love cuckolding. For this, you need partners and if you can have a group of people and stream on this kink of cuckolding, you can rest assured you can find success here.

8) Exhibitionism

Some people get turned on by the thought that others are watching them having sex. This is also one of the most popular kinks that many people try during live sex cams. So, you can try your luck with this one as well.

9) Role Play

Perhaps the main reason why role play is so popular among live sex cam viewers is that with role play they get to see a story which intrigues them. Thus, if you are good at role-playing, give it a shot during your next livestream.

10) Dirty Talk

There is no doubt that dirty talk has to be in any list of kinks that you might want to try during your live sex cams. It helps the audience to interact with you and with your choice of words, you can give your audience an experience they will never forget.


Final Thought

Finally, these are some of the most popular kinks on Jerkmate as well as other cam sites. As you now have the list of kinks that you can try, choose the one with which you are comfortable. In this way, you will be able to kick-start your career in the live sex cam industry.

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