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When it comes to live cam sex, Jerkmate is probably the most professional-looking and well-organized site that you will find on the internet. But, as they say, all that glitter is not gold and don’t judge a book by its cover, similarly, we should not be judging a live sex cam site just on the basis of how good it looks. You should also take into consideration the sex cams it presents.

As you hover around the internet, you will find many reviews of the Jerkmate site; some would speak positively and some would be very negatively about it. But, as a lover of cam girls, you need to decide what is best for you. But, before that, reading the experience of someone who has used Jerkmate and has experience in using the site can be very beneficial and you know it.

That was why before writing this review, I decided to signup on to the Jerkmate site and use it personally. Otherwise, I will not be able to give you the right information that you need if you want to sign up to this site and use it to watch the hottest cam girls hosting the best live cams that you can find. So, here is my first-hand experience of using Jerkmate and watching live cam girls there.

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Jerkmate First Impression: Signup Process

First of all, when I landed on the homepage of Jerkmate, I expected it to be messy. I have been to many live sex cam sites and most of them are messy. The design of most live cam sites is unattractive. So, I wasn’t expecting anything incredible. But, to my surprise, what Jerkmate gave me was unbelievable. Perhaps the best-looking homepage of a live cam site I have ever seen

Look, I won’t say that Jerkmate is the only site that has such an incredible homepage experience. There are other live cam sites that can better that. However, the simplicity with which they executed such a fantastically designed homepage is worth praising. So, my first impression of Jerkmate was amazing. And after that, came the real first action that I would be doing on the site.

Yes, it was time for me to signup for Jerkmate. Look, you need to signup if you want to watch live cams here. And, signing up is free. You will find many sites that will let you watch the live cams of their models for free. But, at Jerkmate, I had to signup which made me a bit annoyed. So, without grudging a lot, I went ahead with what I had to do. I clicked the Sign Up button.

And, that was when I lost it. I lost my mind because I never experienced a live cam site that would ask for a payment method before signing up. The process was easy but this was where I was stuck. I thought Jerkmate was free and they were saying my account would be created free of cost. So, I went ahead with their words and entered the details and my account was ready.

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The Choice of Models on Jerkmate

So, once my account was ready, I was eager to take a tour of what Jerkmate had to offer me and you know what I mean. The excitement of exploring some of the hottest girls I didn’t know made me stand up (you know where). I was also eager to see how some of the hottest porn stars would perform when it comes to live sex cams. Everything was so exciting for me that I just couldn’t wait.

But, I had to be calm as well because my purpose was not only my enjoyment but giving you an account of what my experience was and what you can also experience once you come to this site. Therefore, I didn’t click on the first girl's profile I saw on the site. Instead, I decided to use their search filters to ensure that I find the type of girls that attracted me the most. So, I started imagining in my head.

What sort of cam girls would excite me the most? The first thing I did after that to filter out the models was to choose the language of the cam. I preferred English but you will have plenty of languages to choose from. Next, I wanted to find girls from all over their platform. After that, I wanted a girl with big tits and she has to be a blonde from the US.

And, there she was in front of me on my computer screen. Truly, she was one of the hottest girls that I have ever seen in my life. And, I was about to see her perform live. Perhaps, this was the first time I went into such details before finding cam girls. Well, for the first time, I found so many options to personalize my search of cam girls and that’s why Jerkmate should be applauded.

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What Makes Jerkmate Girls Different and Special

Now, once I found my cam model, it was time to get to business and watch her perform live. Before I proceed to describe my experience watching the free live show of the cam model, I have to mention that all the cam models on this site were terrific. Jerkmate certainly has some of the top cam models on their platform and I am looking forward to watching those cams when I get more time.

So, when I joined the live chat of the model I chose, I found something very surprising and exciting. My chosen model was replying to the chat messages she was receiving. It made me eager to connect with her and I did and she replied. In the chat, I found features that are very easy to use and also very unique. You can chat with models just like you chat with your friends.

Everything about the show was amazing. I decided to check out another model to see whether only my chosen model was interactive or if other models were similar as well. I found all models that I saw at that time on Jerkmate were interacting with their audience through the chat. Other platforms also have hot models but the ones at Jerkmate are very interactive and I like it.

Now, as I enjoyed the regular show, I wanted to get something more from the model I picked and so I wanted her in a private show. I have two options, private or exclusive. The exclusive one was more expensive than the private one (I’ll explain later). I wanted both. So, I first got the private show and once I knew what the private show was about I booked an exclusive show. Bother were terrific.

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The Cost of Jerkmate

Now, let’s bring the elephant out of the closet because I know you want to know the cost of Jerkmate. First of all, you don’t have to pay anything as you can create a free account. But, you have to enter a payment method which I did as well and it made paying for things during the shows a lot easier. But, if you don’t want to pay and enjoy the free show, then with your free account you can also enjoy the shows.

But, if you don’t want a free account only and want to pay for the models on the site during their live cams, then Jerkmate can easily be one of the most expensive platforms that you have visited. But, after the experience of these shows with my model, I feel it was worth every penny and you should also experience these shows with your chosen models.

The tip-based system of Jerkmate is also very expensive as you have to send ‘Gold’ to your chosen models if you want and gold will cost you about a dollar which is way more expensive than other sites. So, you have to decide whether to pay for the models or go with your free account because Jerkmate is an expensive site and you will end up paying way more than you wanted in no time because their models are that good.

The Review in a Nutshell (My Opinion)

So far, I have shared my experience with you. But now, I will be sharing my opinion about the things I really liked about the site and the one I didn’t like.

Thumbs Up Jerkmate

Thumbs Down Jerkmate

Should You Join Jerkmate?

Now, this is the burning question, should you be joining Jerkmate or not? You have to understand what you want. Are you looking to watch high-quality and premium live cam shows from premium models? Then I can assure you that Jerkmate is the place for you because you will get what you pay for. Also, you get a lot of things for free where. All in all, a brilliant place to watch hot cam models in action.

Meet the new models on jerkmate

On average, how many models are online on Jerkmate?

There are roughly 1,800 models connected at any given time on Jerkmate.

How big is the Jerkmate models database?

Jerkmate has more than 100,000 active models always ready to chat... and more!

What is the meaning of a "Gold Show" on Jerkmate?

GOLD Shows are special group shows where several members chip in to watch. The performer will set up the length, goal, and pledge price of the GOLD show. If you're interested, pledge your GOLD during the countdown and you'll automatically join the show when it starts! If the performer cancels the show before it begins or while it's in progress, you will not be billed.

What is GOLD on Jerkmate and what is it used for?

GOLD is Jerkmate website currency. One GOLD is worth on US dollar. If you like how a performer is interacting with you, giving GOLD is an awsome way of showing your appreciation

What can I expect once I register on the platform?

On Jerkmate, you can chat with amateur performers while watching them live on camera. We have performers of every type! Search for any keyword or browse through our categories to find what you're looking for.

You can interact with performers and create a unique experience just for you. If you see a performer you like, tap on the image to visit their profile and read more about them. If they're online and available, you'll see their free, live video and can start a conversation!

You won't be charged unless you join a paid chat session. The per-minute prices for paid chats are listed in your local currency before you enter the chat. Your membership is free, and there is no monthly or recurring fee to view the site.

Does jerkmate have a promotion right now for new members ?

Yes there is currently a $10 off coupon available for all newly registered members (for a limited time).