Ember Snow

You don’t even have to ask. Asian girls have that hidden wildness in them. Add the fact that they had such a strict upbringing and you’ll realize that they have to explode at some point.

It’s a good thing for us fans especially when women without the stereotype of long built and big boobs show you how they can pull it off.

Cam girl Ember Snow

Ember Snow: The Frigid Heat

Asians have such a wild side to them. Pair it up with a conservative upbringing and you’ll surely get the sluttier side once freed from bounds. Good thing this hottie preserved her youth.

  • Born: February 27, 1991
  • Birthplace: Ryiadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Ethnicity: Asian
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Height: 4’11” (149 cm)
  • Bra Size: 32C

Ember Snow is a fireball!

Ember is not different as she has paved her own path to sexdom. It’s hard to classify her because she looks like she hasn’t aged that much despite almost turning 30. It also comes with the fact that she hasn’t been in the industry that long yet but she’s already had a list of appearances that are 10 times longer!

She’s one of the few that boasts all natural vital stats which makes this petite hottie more of a catch! Never mind the short stature as you can imagine her sustaining such performance way past your energy levels. That’s why we call Ember Snow such a fireball. She’s small but surely does damage in your pants. We wonder how many shots you’ll pop whenever you see her on cam.

Porn stars like Ember tend to be very busy because they just can’t help it. All that pent-up sexual energy is just set to explode and they’re looking for an avenue to do so.

Cold but fiery Filipina

Filipina women are known to be conservative. The problem is that we aren’t talking about the vintage ones. We’re referring to the modern day westernized version. With it comes Asian features of a petite body, decently-sized boobs and butt, and a short stature at only only 5 feet tall. At least she can attest to being a 94-pound fireball.

We can already imagine her being ragdolled a lot and her enjoying it. She’s definitely going to feel the entire sensation of it due to her natural tits and ass! She came out swinging since breaking into the business in 2017. Ember did 10 movies in her first year alone. Making at least a video a month is a fair distribution of her value over demand.

Unless you skipped the intro, Ember grew up with strict upbringing. She went around it by having fun on the internet and playing video games. Apparently, she also consumed porn just as much as we did. It has brought a whole new fire to this Filipina as she wanted to boost her experience by living her sexual fantasies through adult entertainment.

Good thing she’s fairly compensated otherwise, we won’t be talking about her right now.

Hot and cold

Asians make such appealing lesbians. It’s what brought Ember to do lesbian scenes more. We’re not complaining here as her fantasies are sometimes ours too.

It also reflects on her real-life preference because she’d rather date a conservative girl rather than a rich dude. Ember even had a serious three-year relationship with the same sex. Doesn’t that turn you on more that she pleases boys? Her loyal fans loved it when she started fucking guys too! That’s where all our sexual fantasies about her suddenly went to life.

She’s a natural lesbo which means she wants to be the one in control and dominating the guy. If there’s such a thing as courtship, you need to double up your game when it comes to Ember.

Enjoy the Ember

Ember is already such an enjoyable watch. How much more when she goes kinky? That’s something we will have to wait for just like we did when she started fucking guys. She still has that conservative gene in her that once it gets broken, you’ll see her go all-out and do anything. Maybe her streaming on OnlyFans can help that happen? Just tip her right and she might!

Let Ember be the bar for other porn stars of Filipina descent to tread such conservative path. There’s no rushing your appearances and scenes if it means a shorter career. Why don’t we classify Ember Snow as a cougar yet? She may be turning 30 but she still looks like she’s just turned 22!

Asians barely age and with the rate she’s going, we won’t be surprised if she does this into her 40s and 50s. That’s just how genetics favors them. Ember doesn’t look like she’s slowing down anytime soon. There’s just so much she can do at this point in her career. She’s already built quite a following to interact with the boys as she performs for tips instead of talent fees. Her catalog is already a tease. How much more if she livestreams on high definition?

You already know what you’re dealing with here. It’s time we enjoy this fiery ice of a performer. As long as we see more of those perfectly round arreolas, we’ll imagine eating Hereshey’s kisses.

We don’t get Filipinas of her caliber that often in the industry. It’s better we enjoy her now as she is in the prime years of both her life and career.