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  • Career Start and End: 2019 to Present
  • Birthday: Oct 18, 2000
  • Measurements: 32AA-25-31
  • Height: 5 ft 4 in
  • Weight: 115 lbs
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Background: Czech
  • Hair Color: Blonde

Marilyn isn’t that short for a girl at 5 feet 4 but you can say that she’s on the curvier side body wise. She’s still light enough for you to carry around and do whatever you please though, She’s always been blonde since birth and she never changed it because she can already please you just the way she is right now. Marilyn doesn’t look slutty too which can deceive you on the onset.

At first, you’ll think of her as a girl who just wants to get a degree in a university in eastern Europe until you see her perform. Looks can be deceiving if you think she’s such a sweetheart to you. She’s fairly new in the scene having started only last year. This 19-year old blondie can be found on OnlyFans where she can get a bit raunchier.

Porn stars from Eastern Europe thrive in the industry because what looks normal to them is extremely hot when the whole world is watching. She does her scenes with men exclusively. She’s still 19 and may diversify in the future. But for now, let’s stick to how Marilyn currently makes us happy.

Marilyn Sugar’s Career

Marilyn may not be your typical bombshell beauty but rather that girl-next-door you are likely to have spontaneous sex with.She only began last year but was already able to score projects with the biggest studios in Europe such as Fake Hub and Reality Kings. It’s the combination of her look and willingness to try new things that makes her relevant.

You’ll see her as the typical girlfriend who is either bored or horny as she can play a certain role in Fake Hostel or simply masturbate in her room. You’ll see a lot of the latter on her OnlyFans page.

There isn’t much to choose from among Marilyn’s top videos because she’s fairly new. It’s her amateur clip for Porn Force that has the most views on PornHub. The hardcore sex video has garnered 11 million views as of today. It isn’t the first time she’s hit the million mark too as her Fake Hostel videos each have 1.3 million views. Give her at least two years and you’ll see her career skyrocket as she becomes a yuppie.

Marilyn Sugar’s best scenes

The said Fake Hostel videos are the ones with more production value in it. The first was a professor taking a college girl Marilyn and a classmate to become sex slaves at the hostel. The second was when she shared a fake real estate agent with Josephine Jackson.

She’s also got a bunch of VR videos which show you a clearer definition of her vital stats when played. It’s probably because she’s a streamer on OnlyFans too where she can get spontaneously edgy. You’ll have to pay for that stuff though. Marilyn isn’t a stranger to big dick since she’s starred in premium amateur porn off the bat. You can go through the gonzos and see that all dicks she’s sucked are either big or bigger.

How good is Marilyn Sugar?

Part of what makes Marilyn Sugar so special is the fact that you’ll expect a normal person until she shows how horny she can be. She’s not known to do lesbian scenes but will suck a woman if needed to, especially when it’s a threesome she’s working on. Being from eastern Europe is a plus too since she has already been indoctrinated with these types of stuff.

Marilyn knows how to pose too as her social media is filled with her erotic model portfolio that will lead you to either sunscribe to her OnlyFans or sign up for Fake Hub. Some might even call her a “dumb blonde” but it doesn’t justify her works as a porn star. The fact that she’s up and coming at the age of 19 means she knows how to make it in the adult entertainment industry.