Who likes to play a lot? When it comes to adult entertainment, it’s the interactive toys that do the job on live streams. It’s not uncommon for these porn stars, cam girls, and boys to play with their toys. They just decided to monetize it by playing with themselves and filming it live.

It’s a healthy dose of adult entertainment because they get to do what they usually do and earn passive income from tips and private sessions. Win-win, right? Well, good thing Jerkmatest provides such a platform for these models to have a more intimate sexual interaction with their viewers by the use of interactive toys. What are these though? Interactive toys are those where a certain sex toy is connected to the live chat system in order to be controlled by the viewers. That said, once a certain viewer presses a button or function in their screen, the sex toy inserted triggers and you’ll see the cam model orgasm.

Those who are new to the whole live cam thing might wonder why there is what looks like a pink strap attached up the ass or pussy of a cam model. That’s actually an interactive vibrator that goes off when triggered. That said, there’s a reason for us to enjoy interactive sex sessions on Jerkmates. How it works is simple. You simply trigger the sex toy in order to elicit a reaction out of the cam model. Of course, you can’t always press because you’ll need to pay right in order to do so.

Sometimes, these toys are used as triggers too in private chats. Phone sex used to be a thing before the age of webcams. We can actually thank the geniuses of the industry for coming up with an interactive tool that allows us all to be more connected to the live girls even if it were just interactive toys. Now sparks the question of will we take what we could when we could actually have more? Does this even make sense? Well, it simply means don’t settle if you can have more.

More here means playing with the cam models via interactive toys. It makes the cam sessions naughtier and you’ll surely be able to enjoy more of what you are watching.

Still don’t get it? Here’s another analogy for you. The online sex games you play are pretty similar to interactive toys. This time though, you’re playing with an actual human with actual reactions depending on the degree of the press in that button.

Now that you get it, the next step is to try it.