Amber Alena

Maybe big boobs look too choking but it actually depends still. Will you ever turn down an offer to bury your face in between Amber Alena’s jugs?

Blonde white girls are porn’s most generic. It’s either they are a busty cougar, a barely legal teenager, a slutty college girl, or a strong careerwoman who lacks sex but wants some.
Apparently, Amber Alena is able to have a niche for herself out of those big jugs of hers. She’s obviously not a natural blonde but has the slutty side of such.

Cam girl Amber Alena

Amber Alena: Ms. Busty Blondie

Born: October 15, 1995
Birthplace: United States
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5’5” (165 cm)
Bra Size: 36N

Amber Alena is as blonde as fuck!

You can use the analogy of guys going to the gym to get girls and flip it the other way around. Amber has big boobs because she wants the men to notice her and we surely have already!

Nobody will doubt that this woman is involved in adult entertainment by the looks of it. It doesn’t have to be a judgmental take. She just doesn’t look like she’s fit for a profession where being that succulent won’t be put to use.

You’re probably already wanting to salivate over this woman drooling over her boobs as she wipes it back to your face while captaining the motorboat.

At 25 years old, Amber already has maximum assets for you to look forward to. While she’s the typical Girls Gone Wild type, she might just dominate the cam girl division for that.

Do you know those hotties in high school who get pregnant early? You can classify Amber among that class except she doesn’t have any babies yet (or so we know).

She obviously knew she didn’t have any future treading the traditional path so she went to new-age means to make some coin. We’re thanking her in advance for that.

Amber’s change of heart

A Seattle, Washington native, Amber already had signs that she was heading down this path. She was a restaurant hostess prior to being the entrepreneur of her own body.

It’s a day job that didn’t fulfill her enough so she decided to up the ante when it came to her assets. That meant starting out as an exotic dancer which she put to good use when she started filming it on her webcam. Most of those who excel in professions like these are the ones that didn’t even like doing it as a career in the first place. Amber happened to push.

If Amber finds camming so fun, how much more do we live cam fans who watch her do her magic when that stream goes on?

How we wish we can earn from masturbation the same way Amber does, right? We don’t mind losing loads of spunk if it means more money for ecstasy and Viagra.

Amber Alena takes whatever she can
Barely two years into the scene, Amber has already diversified between adult film and camgieling. She likes real cock as much as she does with her fingers and vibrator in her live streams.

Her sex scenes are something you ought to have come across already on PornHub. You know how it works. If she’s a young gun and hot enough to generate clout, you’ll see her sneaking through niches.

Obviously, the storylines run around her obvious narrative which is her boobs. She’s starred alongside Bryan Gozzling a lot which gives us the idea that those accidental Ryan Gosling clouts will suddenly lead to her at some point.

As much as she is a promising porn performer, she’s already broken in big in her forte which are her live streams. In fact, she’s been nominated for “Cam Performer of the Year” at the 2019 PornHub Awards!

Mind you, it was the same year she started doing all this. How much more will she do in year two and beyond?

Amber’s promise

How can you not love Amber Alana here? First, she already hot as fuck enough to be a head turner in the streets. These are the ones who wear sports bras, leggings, and sun visors as they walk their dogs under the California sun.

Her tits are so big that sources are confused on how to measure them. We said double Ds but some measure her from the Js to the Ns.

Combining her big boobs with her seemingly pear-shaped body makes it look like a sexy proportionate model expanded through photoshop. That’s how unreal Amber’s hotness can be!

Though only 25, we won’t be surprised if nobody snags her until the point of teasing cougar territory. She suddenly becomes another stereotype worth writing about more.

Let’s focus on the present though. Amber is already impressing us with such performances. You might not enjoy her that much if you’re a cheapskate though.

While you can find Amber Alena on PornHub, her finer works are on her live streams, where she makes pleasuring herself so engaging.

That now gives you a reason to pleasure yourself too!